ISBN: 9781797202167

Publication date: 08 Jun 2023

Author: Derick Wilder, K-Fai Steele

Green Eggs and Ham meets Vegetables in Underwear in this laugh-out-loud tale of one kid's radical generosity as he makes custom underwear for all his friends.
What's a kid to do when given a day-of-the-week underwear set-wear Monday's undies on Monday, Sunday's undies on Sunday like a rule-following robot?

No sirree bob! This kid'll cut and craft, snip and sew until every single one of his friends has their own pair of underwear-whether they want them or not. . . .

One kid's valiant attempts to create a pair of underpants for each of his buddies, no matter how imaginary, is a laugh-out-loud testament to the devotion of friendship, welcoming the creative muse wherever it strikes you, and the power of underwear to unite even the least likely of allies-especially on the days you don't want to wear them.