ISBN: 9781797200767

Publication date: 16 Sep 2021

Author: Evan Douglas

Send your friends and family a gorgeous wild masterpiece! This set of 16 hilariously offbeat notecards features fan-favorite animal portraits and hidden messages from Evan Douglas's book Wild Masterpieces, as well as a handful of new portraits. To keep or send away, these notes will bring a smile to anyone's face and make life seem a little less serious. UNIQUE, WACKY, AND UNIVERSAL: These hilariously wacky portraits have taken the internet by storm, and there's something for everybody! This set features all kinds of animals from the domestic to the wild, pandas to cats, and cows to dogs. GREAT GIFT OR SELF-BUY: This high-quality set of 16 notecards and envelopes is a steal! They're perfect for yourself to keep or send and great for any animal-lover and nature fanatic. And this set pairs well with the rest of the Wild Masterpieces line—the Wild Masterpieces book and the Wild Masterpieces Notebook Collection. RISING AUTHOR: Evan Douglas's Instagram account @wildmasterpieces has a following of over 34,000 and growing! Douglas shares new portraits almost every day for this ever-growing audience and even showcases special needs pets. He has a website (wildmasterpieces.com) where you can buy your own portrait and merch—he then donates the proceeds to animal shelters in his area. Perfect for: • Nature and wildlife enthusiasts • Animal lovers and pet owners • Novelty stationery collectors • Those looking for a gag gift or pick-me-up present • Bob Ross and awkward family portrait fans