ISBN: 9781797200132

Publication date: 20 Jun 2024

Author: Hopkinson, Deborah
Step into the quiet magic of this celebration of summer nighttime and the mystery of a world lit differently by the moon.

On a summer night, the world is still. Even the crickets think it's too hot to sing. But all at once, a girl wakes. In the kitchen, the cat rolls onto its soft paws. A neighbor's small white dog yaps, a brown rabbit peeks from a hedge, and the leaves of a cherry tree begin to stir in the breeze. Readers witness and wonder: Who has woken them all? In this soothing bedtime story, the quiet of a warm summer night is brought to vivid, magical life with the soft steps of bare feet, the padding of paws, and the bright, golden light of the moon. One by one, each creature is roused and then gently returned to sleep in a lovely and lyrical exploration of wakefulness, restfulness, and the mysterious calm of the night.

PERFECT FOR BEDTIME . . . OR ANYTIME: This beautifully illustrated children's book is ideal for soothing young readers to sleep-or encouraging a contemplative break in an energetic day. The story's engagement with the wonders of nighttime will help children feel comforted by the dark and the prospect of going to sleep rather than afraid of them.

READ-ALOUD READINESS: With its lyricism and short refrains, this gentle story is just right for sharing.

CONNECTION TO NATURE: This magical book gradually reveals the moon as a character as it wakes girl, cat, dog, rabbit, tree, air, and cloud in turn-and connects them to one another through the welcoming quiet and wonder of a world gilded by moonlight.

THE POWER OF SLOWING DOWN: Picture books are often wonderful excuses to slow down and share a moment of gentleness in kids' (and parents') busy lives; this book feels like a deep breath and offers a chance to wonder and reflect.

Perfect for:- Kids who can't sleep on hot summer nights - Parents, grandparents, and caregivers seeking a sweet bedtime book - Librarians and storytime leaders looking for a summer read-aloud - Gift givers who want to share a beautiful, lyrical book with someone special - Readers of such classic bedtime stories for kids as Goodnight Moon and The Going to Bed Book