ISBN: 9781785515019

Publication date: 12 Jun 2023

Author: Christ Church Cathedral

From Viking boxes to medieval manuscripts, mummified animals to elaborate stone carvings, Christ Church Cathedral has been the repository for an astonishing array of objects over the centuries, connecting us to the cathedral’s past in a direct and tangible way. 

These treasures provide impressive evidence of the cathedral’s extensive communications network, with Europe and beyond; the skilled craftsmanship that contributed to the creation of the cathedral building and its contents; and the many people who have passed through this extraordinary place.

This accessible book is an eye-catching introduction to the cathedral’s history, with lively commentaries on over 50 objects in Christ Church Cathedral. Generously illustrated with a wealth of items, ranging from the curious and the unexpected to the sumptuous riches of illuminated manuscripts and church plate. This is an enjoyable guide to Christ Church Cathedral, a place of worship in the centre of Dublin for almost 1,000 years.