ISBN: 9781785514456

Publication date: 08 Feb 2023

Author: Carter, Simon

Artists’ Corner in St Paul’s Cathedral is the final resting place for some of the greatest artists working in the United Kingdom, including Turner, Leighton and Millais. British painters of the 19th century are shoulder to shoulder with artists from America and Continental Europe who made Britain their home and helped to shape national taste.

Artists’ Corner reflects a golden age of artistic production, when the visual arts were central to British cultural pride and identity, when the funerals of the cultural figures were occasions of national mourning, and their achievements were marked with monuments and enduring plaques.

All of the painters and sculptors memorialised in Artists’ Corner are brought together in this guide, with references to some of their master works which chart a trajectory from history painting to the arrival of impressionism and abstraction in the 20th century.