ISBN: 9781785514272

Publication date: 14 Nov 2022

Author: Vassilev, Ted

Known for his colourful, irreverent, and often politically charged paintings, Halim Flowers is a contemporary visual artist, spoken word performer, and author who has become one of the hottest newcomers in the contemporary art scene. As a minor, Flowers was arrested and wrongfully sentenced to two life sentences in Washington, DC, later to be released under a new juvenile lifer resentencing law. His experiences aired on HBO in the Emmy award-winning documentary Thug Life in DC, as well as Kim Kardashian-West’s film The Justice Project. Since his release, Flowers has produced a stunning spectrum of paintings expressing his ardent advocacy for human rights, and his resonant, up-lifting mantra “Love is the vaccine”. This beautifully illustrated volume provides the first full treatment of Flower’s artistic vision, with insightful interpretation from leading scholars of this star on the rise.