ISBN: 9781785513220

Publication date: 23 Sep 2021

Author: Capelo, Francisco
This sumptuously illustrated book presents the most important works from an extraordinary collection of Asian art. For two decades Francisco Capelo has been collecting exquisite works in a range of media – from Japanese scroll paintings to Chinese ceramics, and from Indian religious sculpture to Indonesian woodcarvings. Housed in an 18th-century palace in Lisbon, the Francisco Capelo Asia Collection now comprises more than 1,200 artworks from all over Asia and spanning many centuries.

Here, the highlights of this unique collection are beautifully photographed and enriched by insightful accompanying texts. The book serves as a lavish and informative introduction to the arts of Asia, from Korea and Tibet in the north to Sri Lanka and Indonesia in the south. More than 200 masterpieces are featured alongside articles by eminent art historians and scholars, enabling readers to share the excitement of their discoveries and to learn more about the abundance and breadth of Asia’s artistic traditions.