ISBN: 9781785512919

Publication date: 07 Apr 2021

Author: Jones, Leslie B.
One of the finest remaining American Country Place era estates in the
nation, Cheekwood is a 55-acre historic estate, comprised of a botanical
garden, arboretum, and museum with historic rooms and art galleries in
Nashville, Tennessee. Formerly the family home of Leslie Cheek and his
wife Mabel Wood, investors in the family Maxwell House Coffee Business,
the extraordinary 1930s estate designed by Bryant Fleming features a
Georgian mansion, formal gardens, and expansive views and vistas. Today,
Cheekwood serves the public showcasing 12 distinct gardens, 7,000 works
in its permanent collection as well as travelling exhibitions, and a
mile-long woodland trail featuring modern and contemporary outdoor
sculpture. This richly illustrated book explores its historic origins as
a private estate and traces its evolution as a public institution to
the beloved destination that it is today.