ISBN: 9781785512780

Publication date: 27 Aug 2019

Author: Libin, Kathryn
The Lobkowicz Collections, housed in Prague, rank among the oldest and largest privately owned collections of art, music and archival documents in Central Europe. The Music Archive, comprising some 5,000 items, was assembled over three centuries by family members who were not only patrons, but also enthusiastic collectors and performers. The personal affinities and tastes of these aristocratic amateurs are reflected in such musical treasures as 18th-century lute tablatures; oratorios and operas in manuscript and early prints; performing parts for symphonies and quartets by Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart. All of these objects preserve a history of devotion to music, and cultivation of a vibrant music culture. This book offers an introduction to the rich musical traditions of the Lobkowicz family, and to highlights from its music collections.