ISBN: 9781785512278

Publication date: 06 Jan 2020

Author: Swica, Marek
The Museum of Photography in Krakow was created over 30 years ago and is the only public institution of its kind in Poland. The collection covers almost the entire history of photography, from its invention to contemporary times. It comprises almost 70,000 items, from positive prints, negatives and examples of fine art photographic techniques and systems, to darkroom and cinematic equipment. Journalistic, studio, artistic, documentary, technical and amateur photography - all of these genres are represented within the museum's diverse collection. Visitors can explore the work of celebrated photographers who have made great contributions to the development of Polish photography, as well as that of many lesser-known craft photographers and anonymous artists who used photography either as a means of individual expression, a work tool, or a method of documenting their personal history. Published to coincide with the completion of an ambitious renovation project, this book presents a selection of highlights drawn from the museum's diverse collection.