ISBN: 9781785512049

Publication date: 31 Jan 2020

Author: Rose, A.
Many cities around the world could claim to have a rich scientific history. However, between 1550 and 1800, London fostered its very own particular brand of scientific enquiry and practice. Science City explores how science shaped London, and London shaped science, as Britain's new capital grew to become a powerful world city, a nexus of administration for ambitious scientific projects and a place to obtain exceptional scientific equipment. This richly illustrated book accompanies Science City 1550-1800: The Linbury Gallery at the Science Museum, London, scheduled to open in the autumn of 2019.

Introduction: Science City
Chapter 1: A New Trade in London, 1550-1650
Chapter 2: Experiment and the City, 1660-1727
Chapter 3: Public Science in London, 1720-1790
Chapter 4: Science in a World City, 1745-1800
Chapter 5: Making Instruments Today: An Interview with Joanna Migdal
Chapter 6: Experimental Science Today: The Role of the Royal Society
Chapter 7: London Today: Inspiring Futures
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