ISBN: 9781785511837

Publication date: 21 Aug 2020

Author: Paul Zanker
The collection of Roman art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the finest in the world. It contains more than 5,000 objects, including exquisite cameos, refined silver vessels and utensils, spectacular Pompeiian frescoes, monumental sculptures in stone and bronze and elaborate sarcophagi. This handsome guide features a selection of over 200 of the most important works that exemplify this rich and diverse collection, each presented in detail and illustrated with stunning colour photography. Every work is accompanied by an engaging text written by prominent scholars that establishes the object's significance in antiquity, providing new insights for a contemporary understanding of ancient Roman art.

Contents: Acknowledgments; Director's Foreword; Introduction; Roman Copies and Adaptations of Greek Sculpture; The Decoration of House and Villa; Luxury Art; Shrines of the Lares and Offerings to Other Divinities; Roman Egyptomania; Tombs and Funerary Monuments; Imperial and Private Portraits; Gladatorial Games, Sports, and the Military; Architectural Elements; A Selection of Roman Works and their Modern Histories; Bibliography; Index.