ISBN: 9781648961441

Publication date: 24 Nov 2022

Author: Adriene Jenik

Created by artists and grief workers, this deck of 60 cards offers simple prompts, activities, artwork, and grounding resources to help people experiencing the loss of a loved one journey through the healing process.

The Grief Deck is a deck of 60 cards that are individually designed by artists in collaboration with grief workers. Sixty different pieces of unique art are paired with prompts--tools, rituals, reminders, and memorial acts--that offer concrete activities, from a gesture to a tiny performance or a meditation, to help anyone dealing with a loss move through their grief. Activities include meditations for reconnecting with your body and senses, visiting a place in nature, addressing anxiety, holding a vigil, rituals of remembrance, intentional rest, creating routines, and more.

Recognizing that grief is ongoing, and is something that everyone faces for different reasons and in radically different ways, the deck provides a toolbox of accessible entry points, with no set order, for meeting grief in daily life, a little bit at a time.