ISBN: 9781648960680

Publication date: 04 Aug 2022

Author: Karen Kice

Artist and architect, Marshall Brown reimagines the future by revisiting the legacy of modern architecture in this selection of four visionary architecture and urban designs that span over a decade of his practice.

The four projects presented in this publication (UNITY Plan for the Brooklyn Vanderbilt Rail Yards; Smooth Growth Urbanism, Chicago; Detroit's Dequindre Civic Academy; Center of the World, Chicago) represent the diverse perspectives and conceptual frameworks that comprise Brown's expanded view of architecture. To introduce the book, curator Karen Kice discusses three formal categories: Recurrent Form reconfigures formal categories, Visionary Strategy challenges architectural mindsets, and Emergent Order considers complex phenomena. Four key architectural critics/scholars (Monica Ponce de Leon, Adreinne Brown, Joseph Becker, and Allison Glenn) discuss Brown's work in the broader context of urbanism. Throughout the book, Brown's artistic work in the form of collages illustrate each project.