ISBN: 9781648960611

Publication date: 19 Apr 2022

Author: Cayla Zoharan

How to care for your houseplant, and the many ways that houseplants care for us, as well-from the founder and horticultural experts at Horti.

From Puneet Sabharwal, cofounder of plant subscription company Horti, My First Plant approaches houseplant care as a journey which brings us closer to nature and is equally beneficial to the houseplant and the plant parent. With the goal of building your confidence in tending to indoor plants, this book covers basic plant care, the history of what we know today as houseplants, how these living creatures communicate, and the ways in which to sustainably troubleshoot any issues that may arise along the way!

Whether you're afraid to bring home a plant or have a healthy row of green along your windowsill, Sabharwal is here to guide you through the trials, errors, and joys of plant care through personal experience and sage advice, with detailed illustrations, color photography, and accessible infographics bringing technical concepts to life. Join the thousands of plant parents who have entrusted Horti's expertise in their own plant care journeys and get your hands in some potting soil today.