ISBN: 9781648960352

Publication date: 21 Jul 2022

Author: Don Dahler

In the spirit of the bestseller Fly Girls comes the definitive and compelling story of the first American woman to receive a pilot's license, Harriet Quimby.

The early years of the twentieth century were frenetic with change and progress. Headlines declared that the era of women has dawned." Against this changing historical backdrop, Harriet Quimby's life stands out as undeniably extraordinary, embodying the tumultuous, exciting era in which she lives.

Though little known, her story is dramatic: she rose from humble beginnings as a dirt-poor farm girl to become a globe-trotting journalist, history-making aviator and international celebrity.

When she tragically died in 1912 at the age of thirty seven, her story faded into history, with her many accomplishments-including being the first women to fly solo over the English Channel-overshadowed by major historical events, including the sinking of the Titanic."