ISBN: 9781642462579

Publication date: 07 Jan 2021

Author: Em & Friends

One of our most beloved designs is now a kickass Sticker Card—because even patriarchy-smashers like stickers! Yep, the front peels right off and looks righteous on just about any surface (laptop, briefcase, journal, jackhammer just for example). A heartfelt "thinking of you" message for any badass woman, super for a best friend gift! Sold in a set for that satisfying "I've got my very own greeting card shop" feeling! Blank inside, colored envelope Card is 4.25 x 5.5 inches Sticker is 3.9 x 5 inches Stickers are made of thick, coated paper with a kiss cut. They are not waterproof and should not go on surfaces that will get wet or be washed. They are not re-stickable.