ISBN: 9781641702874

Publication date: 02 Feb 2021

Author: Lombardi, Richard
Cooking Through Cancer: 50 Easy and Delicious Recipes for Treatment and Recovery is a cancer fighter and cancer caregiver's best friend for combating the symptoms caused by treatment and for enhancing the recovery process. Written by Richard Lombardi, The Cancer Fighting Chef and a cancer survivor himself, it is packed with nutrient-rich recipes—some from Richard's own award-winning restaurant—and is conveniently organized by tabs for delicious food during treatment and recovery. Each recipe is powered with cancer-fighting ingredients, which are called out on the side of each page. And because cooking can be tough when you're recovering from treatment, this book is brimming with helpful shortcuts, kitchen basics, a quick-reference list, and a sample grocery list. Even better, it includes 10 kid-friendly recipes that the whole family can enjoy, plus recipes from professional chefs and celebrities that have joined the fight against cancer, including Jay Leno and Mark DeCarlo.