ISBN: 9781636551036

Publication date: 11 Jun 2024

Author: Ziefert, Harriet

Waking up in the dark a worried and anxious Really Bird has to deal with an overactive imagination in this entertaining caper with a reassuring ending.

Meet Really Bird, a small bird who lives in a large city park with his friends, Cat, Rabbit, and Pup. In each story, Really Bird finds himself really wanting something – to be bigger, to have his fair share, or to be a leader – to be really silly, funny, strong, cool, happy or brave. And when he feels something, he really feels it.

Each story is an entertaining, character-driven caper based on relatable social/emotional themes, delivered with surprise twists, high drama, and expert comic timing. Along the way, lessons are learned about qualities such as teamwork and compassion. The emphasis is on character growth and development through creative problem solving, Friendship and emotional engagement are at the heart of every story.

In Really Bird, Really Scared! Really Bird wakes up to find it is still dark and he starts to worry the sun won't rise. Eventually, of course, with some group effort and protesting, the sun rises but that is not the end of the story, as Really Bird and his friends have to deal with changes in the weather. The end of the day provides a colorful ending and then night returns. But now, Really Bird's fears are lessened and his anxiety is finally under control. For any kid who has a fear of the dark, this Really Bird story is both funny and reassuring.