ISBN: 9781636550619

Publication date: 21 Mar 2023

Author: Duran, Alicia

Meet Rosa and her familia in this bilingual celebration of her favorite tree.

"This is the apple tree, el manzano, that grows near the house where Rosa lives.
This is the sun, el sol, that shines every day on the tree near the house."

Rosa and her family live in a house in the country where an apple tree grows. With short stanzas, interspersed with occasional vocabulary in Spanish, we journey through the year and witness the tree as it changes and develops fruit. We discover what makes the tree grow strong and how the flowers are pollinated. Eventually the apples are fully grown and ready to be picked. On a warm late summer afternoon we join Rosa and her family for a celebratory picnic where a specially-made apple pie takes center stage. This charming story delivers some beginning Spanish vocabulary as well as a lesson in plant life for young readers who will enjoy spending time with Rosa, her dog, Churro, and her entire family. Back matter includes a non-fiction spread showing the cycle from flower to fruit and a simple apple sauce recipe to be made with adult supervision.