ISBN: 9781636550565

Publication date: 19 Sep 2023

Author: Roger, Marie-Sabine

Meet an impatient monster with serious anger management issues!

The Great Grrrrr works for an express delivery service. A monster on a mission, he must deliver a package to a cottage in the country. But, when the recipient isn't home, he becomes increasingly frustrated and then angry. Just when he has destroyed the cottage out of an explosive bout of rage, the homeowner shows up and everything changes. The Great Grrrrr learns to  manage his anger issues and finds patience and perhaps a new perspective on life. This hilariously entertaining book takes frustration and impatience to a ridiculous extreme and finds humor in uncontrolled emotions no toddler will fail to recognize. Expressively illustrated by Marjolaine Leray in sketchy crayon drawings with bright neon second color to accent the visual drama.