ISBN: 9781636550145

Publication date: 22 Mar 2022

Author: Tognolini, Bruno

From the unique voice of Bruno Tognolini, Italy's most-loved children’s poet today, come these exuberant “rhymes of hope to shout together”. Skillfully translated by Denise Muir, this musical rhythmic chant gives voice to the wishes and hopes of children for a better future. From grand dreams of peace, solidarity between nations, and protection of our environment, to the intimate, wishes for friendship, opportunity, and joyful birthday celebrations; all are heartfelt cries for a better life and future.

Accompanied by the vibrant collage art of Giulia Orecchia, this youthful anthem for change, in the tradition of social justice poetry, is a true manifesto of hope. If children hold the key to the future, this book unlocks their potential. Who can resist the drumbeat call to rise, take to the streets, and shout these lines to the skies? Imagine!