ISBN: 9781617690211

Publication date: 02 Apr 2013

Author: Lynne Barr, Thayer Allyson Gowdy

In The Shape of Knitting, innovative designer Lynne Barr gives readers a fascinating, in-depth master class on the techniques that can be used to shape flat and dimensional pieces of knitting—increases, decreases, short rows, dividing and combining stitches, and adding sections. She both reviews tried-and-true methods, explaining their pros and cons, and showcases many new ones that she has masterminded herself. To illustrate the best uses of these innovations, she includes 24 fashion-fresh, easy-to-wear projects, focusing mainly on accessories that can be finished quickly, such as scarves, cowls, shawls, hats, and mittens. Fun, cool photos of the finished designs combined with clear, close-up, step-by-step photos make this groundbreaking book both beautiful and hardworking. Praise for The Shape of Knitting: “If you are a knitter who likes going beyond tradition, going beyond the preferred wisdom of what you can and cannot do in knitting, then you should get this book. It may open your eyes to a whole new way of designing.” —My Central Jersey’s In Stitches blog “I don’t think Lynne Barr’s brain ever turns off. On the heels of her mind-stretching book, Reversible Knitting, comes The Shape of Knitting. She’s figured out a cool style of slipper for this book that I’m smitten with. If you need to feed your knitting mind, get this book . . . it’s a feast.” —Knitty.com “This knitting book is fascinating! It may be too good to be true! I was super impressed with Lynne Barr’s creative knitting projects especially the Big Button cowl.” —SweetlyMade.com “Innovative designer Lynne Barr’s in-depth masterclasses of techniques in new book, The Shape of Knitting, add dimension to knits as beautiful as they are groundbreaking. A must for keen pattern adapters and knitters.” —Mollie Makes “I didn’t think it was possible to admire Lynne Barr more than I did after her last book. Boy, was I wrong!” —Kangath Knits “If you have any interest in the creative possibilities of knitwear design, then you need to immediately get hold of a copy The Shape of Knitting to put on your shelf next to Lynne’s previous book.” —Kate Davies Designs “Overall I was completely blown away by the projects.”—Fave Crafts “Think of this book as a technique driven master class in shaping. The projects will make wonderful gifts.” –Examiner.com