ISBN: 9781616899943

Publication date: 27 Oct 2022

Author: Nina West

Queerty Award Nominee for “Best Read”

Go Big! Be You!

Be Kind!

Welcome to a magical adventure to discover kindness in the world-especially the kind inside you.

In this heartfelt and joyous story, little Nina embarks on a boisterous day of exploration, a colorful day where she sets out to find, well, Kind . With a backpack full of her favorite things, Nina guides readers through the neighborhood to identify kindness in the wild. Along the way she shines a light on the importance of loving yourself as well as others, revealing that sharing your unique form of kindness-the you kind of Kind-is the most wonderful gift of all.

Readers of any age will have a WUZZFASTIC time reading this linguistically luscious book out loud and will delight in its empowering message of kindness, community, love, and inclusion.