ISBN: 9781592704019

Publication date: 25 Apr 2024

Author: Bach-Lauritsen, Rebecca

A boy’s usual routine is shaken up by the sudden appearance of a bear in Out of the Blue, an award-winning Danish picture book from author Rebecca Bach-Lauritsenand illustrator Anna Margrethe Kjærgaardabout embracing surprise, adapting to change, and welcoming new friendships.

Translated from Danish byMichael Favala Goldman

In a house where everything is arranged just so, there lives a boy whose days are filled with peace, quiet, and solitude. Every morning, he wakes up and follows the exact same routine, without fail… until the day something new appears, out of the blue: a bear!

In this imaginative and empowering picture book, a meticulous child steps out of his comfort zone of control and opens himself up to unfamiliar and unexpected experiences.

Thanks to author Bach-Lauritsen’s poetic text, fluidly translated by Goldman from Danish to English, and the spare, highly communicative, and absorbing illustrations from Kirkus Prize for Young Readers finalist Kjærgaard, this is a sensitive, encouraging story about how embracing change can lead to trust and friendship!