ISBN: 9781592702893

Publication date: 18 Aug 2020

Author: Yoshimi, Kusaba
It is 2012. The world's leaders gather in Brazil for a meeting, the Rio+20 Summit. They have come to discuss the future of the world, which is facing an ever worsening environmental crisis. One after another, they give speeches, but no one says anything new. As evening falls, it is the President of Uruguay’s turn to speak. José Mujica steps up to the podium, wearing a simple shirt with no tie. He is known as “the world’s poorest president.” He has this name because as president, José Mujica donates almost all of his salary to the poor. When he was elected, he decided that he would not live in the presidential palace. Instead, he would continue to live with his wife on their farm, growing flowers and vegetables. And he would drive his trusty old car, instead of being driven in the official, presidential one. What counts for President Mujica is what needs to be done, not the appearance of things. His countrymen love him and call him Pepe, which means Grandpa. As Mujica starts to speak, no one seems especially interested in hearing from the leader of such a small country. But by the time he has finished, the room will be filled with thunderous applause.