ISBN: 9781592702763

Publication date: 11 Apr 2023

Author: Torseter, Øyvind

An astonishing, high-adventure graphic novel that playfully remixes The Odyssey, Moby Dick, and more, from Norway’s greatest cartoonist.

Fresh out of a job, with his apartment slated for demolition and his possessions seized, Mulysses is in need of $5,000—and fast! As luck would have it, he crosses paths just in time with a wealthy collector, who offers him the fortune he seeks if he succeeds in bringing back the world’s biggest eye, fabled to grant its owner enormous power. Like Ulysses, Ishmael, and many others before him, Mulysses takes to the sea in search of both adventure and himself.

In addition to his high comedic, cartoonist talents, Øyvind Torseter is one of Norway’s most acclaimed illustrators. This is his seventh book with Enchanted Lion.