ISBN: 9781592702756

Publication date: 28 Mar 2023

Author: Øvreås, Håkon

Jack’s plan to impress the new girl in town goes hilariously wrong in this companion novel to Batchelder-winning Brown, illustrated by outstanding Norwegian cartoonist Øyvind Torseter.

The trio of friends from Batchelder-winnning Brown is back, this time following the adventures of Jack. When a new girl moves to town, Jack is determined to impress and befriend her. The only problem? Her mom’s supposedly a famous singer, and she’ll only stick around if she can find some celebrity friends. So Jack hatches a plan to land himself in the newspaper: he’s going to rescue the chairman’s prize-winning hen. Of course, that means he has to “borrow” it first. But when the “borrowed” hen then goes missing, Jack finds himself in some serious trouble. He’s going to need some superhero help to find the missing hen and set things right.

Enter Black Jack’s superhero alter ego—to the rescue! Along with his faithful companions Brown and Blue, of course. While Brown and Blue might not completely understand what has happened or why they’re involved, neither does Jack, really. But they’re ready for action and raring to go! An endearing and playful middle grade book about friendship, fame, and fun.

The second book in Håkon Øvreås' award-winning My Alter Ego Is A Superhero trilogy, Black can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel. Black is illustrated throughout by one of Norway’s greatest cartoonist, Øyvind Torseter.