ISBN: 9781592702213

Publication date: 04 Oct 2016

Author: Herbauts, Anne
A blind child asks: what color is the wind? Suddenly awareness that blind and seeing know equally much, just differently.

What Color is the Wind? is an interactive sensory book for kids with beautiful illustrations and a simple, engaging story. 

A blind child questions all he encounters––a dog, wolf, elephant, mountain, bird, stream, and tree––about the color of the wind. Each responds differently, with a shape, color, smell, texture, or idea. Each page displays a visual and tactile palette of cutouts, textures, and the pictures that tell the story. Tactile and prodigious in the materials used, this book engages the reader fully, bodily, in an exploration through which they discover the wind as smell, taste, movement, sound, and color. A staple of nature discovery camps and teaching rubrics about the natural world, this is a book through which all children can immerse in their senses and discover much delight!