ISBN: 9781452183954

Publication date: 10 Nov 2022

Author: Carter Higgins

There’s a lot going on in Room 19.

A sleepover? A talent show? And worst of all, NEW TABLE GROUPS?!

Audrey L and Audrey W were destined to be friends. They both love purple, they have the same stationery, and they have the same name—so of course! But this month, all of Audrey L’s joy at finding her first best friend feels a little wobbly. When Room 19 switches seating order, she and Audrey W are separated by a whole classroom—and from where Audrey L’s sitting, it looks like Audrey W is having a grand old time with . . . Bettina! Now Bettina’s coming with Audrey W to the tree house. Bettina’s joining the Audreys’ Talent Show act. Gosh, what ISN’T Bettina involved in these days? Can Audrey L welcome change into her newfound classroom calm? Or is this the beginning of the end?

This bighearted, laugh-out-loud chapter book will resonate with any young reader who’s ever felt overlooked or second best. The second book in the Audrey L and Audrey W series, TRUE CREATIVE TALENTS breathes great gusto into the joys and traumas of elementary school drama.