ISBN: 9781452183916

Publication date: 28 Apr 2022

Author: Chronicle Books

You heard it here first - YES, NO, MAYBE? is more than the new magic eight ball - it's better. Look, decisions are hard. Why not let the YES, NO, MAYBE? fortune-telling deck guide you through life's unexpected twists and turns? There's no mountain too big - and no molehill too small - for these cards to handle.

The TRUST THE TRIANGLE FORTUNE-TELLING DECKS combine the fun of personality quizzes with the power of fortune-telling. Here's how they work: Each card in a deck has a question on one side. Pick the one that suits your situation - or that piques your curiosity - and then read the words in each corner of the card. Pick the word or phrase that you most identify with, flip the card over, and read the fortune on the back of the card that corresponds to your choice!