ISBN: 9781452181493

Publication date: 28 Jul 2020

Author: Chronicle Books

Date night just got a whole lot easier! Roll these three dice to determine what you're doing tonight: what type of cuisine you'll have for dinner, the genre of movie you'll watch afterward, and, later on in the night, the sexual position you'll try. These dice eliminate time wasted making the tough decisions, and instead allow you to spend that time enjoying dinner and a movie . . . and then some. The accompanying booklet includes recipes, games to play, and different ways to spice it up in the bedroom. The date night options are endless!NEVER REPEAT THE SAME DATE NIGHT: Three 6-sided dice means hundreds of unique options for date night; you'll get a new combination each time! And the enclosed 32-page booklet offers even more ideas for a memorable evening.NO MORE DEBATING OVER DECISIONS: Feeling spontaneous? Or can't agree on a date night plan? Roll the dice and the decision is made for you—no need to waste time trying to decide what you'll do.FUN GIFT: The compact format and playful topic makes this a great stocking stuffer, honeymoon option, Valentine's Day gift, or "just-because" purchase.DICE CATEGORIES INCLUDE:Cuisines: Italian, American, Mexican, Asian, Small Bites, HealthyMovie genres: Action, Comedy, Horror & Thriller, Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, DramaSex position: Missionary, Doggy Style, Reverse Cowgirl, Spooning, 69, Leg Lock