ISBN: 9781452179957

Publication date: 29 Apr 2021

Author: Brandon Reese

A laugh-out-loud testament to Cave Dada's prehistoric-sized love for his picky eater. It's a peaceful prehistoric morning for Cave Dada and his Baba. But wait! Baba wants breakfast. And not just any breakfast. Baba wants an egg. Dada does not have an egg. Does Baba want something else? NO! Baba wants an egg! What's a tired Dada to do? Author/illustrator Brandon Reese returns to the prehistoric world of Cave Dada in this lovable tale of picky Babas, devoted Dadas, and accidental inventions that might change the course of history—or at least the course of breakfast. Packed with relatable Dada-approved humor, this playful Stone Age story is perfect for picky eaters and their parents. • FATHER'S DAY GIFTING: This loving portrait of the father-child bond illustrates the lengths to which fathers will go for their kids. A sweet way to show appreciation to the tough-to-buy-for Dada all year round, and especially on Father's Day! • DAD HUMOR: The caveman-speak and general silliness feels like "Dad jokes" embodied! This is sure to be a fun read-aloud for fathers and their little ones. • PICKY EATERS: This book lovingly depicts a struggle almost every parent knows: dealing with a picky eater. Perfect for fans of The Seven Silly Eaters and Little Pea, this relatable portrayal shows the challenges of mealtime—and with a sense of humor. Perfect for: • Anyone looking for resources for picky eaters • Anyone looking for a Father's Day gift or new dad gifts • Anyone looking for books with healthy, loving male role models • Fans of dad humor and funny picture books • Teachers and librarians • Fans of prehistoric, Stone Age stories