ISBN: 9781452178288

Publication date: 04 Feb 2020

Author: Carissa Potter

We can all use a helping hand. Keep it all together with this handy ceramic tray, perfect for the desktop, nightstand, or wherever you could use a little organizational help. It's great for holding jewelry, loose change, keys—or your sanity. • Shaped like two cupped hands, this stoneware tray is both an art object and a practical accessory. • It bears a sweet handwritten message ("Let Me Hold This for You") and is a great way to bring some positive energy into your space or let a friend know you care. • Tray is 5 5/8 x 5 7/8 x ¾ inches—a great size to place on a table, dresser, or bureau. • Packaged in a box with a lift-off lid, perfect for gift-giving • Features elevated ridges that help keep things organized • A smart and distinctive gift for a friend or loved one who could use a little self-care; also makes a thoughtful birthday or holiday present