ISBN: 9781452177731

Publication date: 03 Oct 2023

Author: Makhsimova, Sabrina
Take a tour of the North Pole with these three adorable board books in one gifty package!

Step into a pocket-size, winter wonderland with this whimsical Christmas village . . . made of books! The foil-embossed, trifold case opens up to reveal three cleverly disguised books nestled into a magical wintry village with three charming locations just waiting to be explored. Warm up inside Mr. Klaus's cozy cottage, share cocoa with a friendly polar bear, then take a peek inside the toymakers' workshop to meet Mr. Klaus's tiniest secret helpers on their busiest night of the year.

Each gorgeously illustrated book contains a fun-to-read holiday story, while the pocket-book sleeve can act as a festive backdrop for play when open or snap shut into a satisfyingly compact, easy-to-shelve package.