ISBN: 9781452174877

Publication date: 18 Mar 2021

Author: Joshua Jay, Andy J. Pizza

Want to have the best dream of your life? Introducing: the Dream Machine, the latest breakthrough in dream technology.Turn the Snoreswitch to the volume of your choice, tune in to your favorite dream channel, and spin the hypnotic yawn wheel to let the Dream Machine work its magic.This interactive board book is a one-of-a-kind invention designed to encourage sweet dreams.Features eight spreads of durable levers, gears, wheels, and flapsBrings magic to any bedtime routineA refreshing take on the classic goodnight taleDream Machine is a surefire ticket to bedtime fun—and a night of deep slumber.Written by the inventive magician Joshua Jay, with spellbinding art by Andy Miller, this Dream Machine is engineered with winning humor and imagination.Perfect for young readers who love tactile, interactive board books, as well as robots and machinesGreat gift for parents and grandparents who want another tool to make bedtime a breeze for children with sleep troublesEncourages restless kids to prepare for and look forward to bedtimeAdd it to the shelf with books like The Robot Book by Heather Brown, Little Owl Says Goodnight: A Slide-and-Seek Book by Emma Parrish, and Beep Beep Robot! A Spinning Gears Book by Scholastic