ISBN: 9781452172606

Publication date: 09 Nov 2020

Author: Terry Pierce, Suzy Ultman

Love Can Come in Many Ways celebrates the many diverse ways animals, and humans, show their love.Lift a swan's felt wing to discover a baby cuddled underneath, then lift a felt speech bubble to discover the words "You are loved!"Beneath each of the felt flaps is a wealth of snuggles, hugs, and loving engagement.A heartwarming novelty book with adorable lift-the-flap interactive spreadsFeatures 10 felt flaps total in nine different, eye-catching colorsRanges from the songs that mama frog sings to a warm hug from a papa elephant's trunkA smile, a kiss, a word of praise, love can come in many ways.Delight in the ways creatures all over the world—and in all shapes and sizes—reaffirm their family bonds in this sweet, interactive book.Perfect as a Valentine's Day gift for your little oneResonates year-round as a go-to new baby gift for baby showers, as well as for gender reveal parties, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and morePerfect for children ages 2 to 4 years old,Add it to the shelf with books like If Animals Kissed Good Night by Ann Whitford Paul, I'll Never Let You Go by Smriti Prasadam-Halls, and Valentine's Chunky Lift-a-Flap Board Book by Holly Berry-Byrd.