ISBN: 9781452171548

Publication date: 11 Sep 2018

Author: Linus Boman

From Linus Boman, creator of the popular Calligraphuck novelty line.Whether you play poker, rummy, crazy eights or go fish, take your game to the next level with this deluxe deck of funny playing cards for adults. Housed in an eye-catching box with gold foil, this 54-card deck features humorous expletives written in elegant calligraphy, and classic designs with a modern twist. With gold metallic accents throughout and top-quality cardstock, this portable deck is sure to delight card players of all suits. Game on, bitches!• Fun novelty pack of cards to spice up game night with friends• Cards feature elegant design with explicit words• Funny sayings raise poker games to the next levelPeople who like Cards Against Humanity and novelties such as Fucking Brilliant Pencils and You Got this Shit Journal will appreciate this deck of playing cards.• Great gift for adults who like novelty products• Humorous deck for adult gamers• Fun set of cards for poker players