ISBN: 9781452169750

Publication date: 14 Aug 2018

Author: Chronicle Books

This shining book is a treasure trove of luck. The engaging text and beautiful illustrations explore lucky symbols, names, colors and objects, as well as bad and good omens, superstitions and practices from around the world. History and folklore lovers will love the fascinating historical and cultural references, while believers in mysticism will love the details about fortune and rituals, and those looking for luck will find symbols to keep and celebrate—as well as avoid.• Beautifully packaged with a red foil cover• Lively illustrations enhance the text• Full of information pertaining to luck, prosperity, symbols, rituals and successFans of The Golden Book of Fortune Telling and Fortune-Telling Birthday Book will love this book. • Folklore collectors, trivia fans, history buffs, and culture connoisseurs will want this book for their shelves• Perfect gift for those experiencing milestones, such as new grads, newlyweds, young people getting their start, job seekers, and anyone who wants a bit of good luck• Art, design, and illustration fans will love the look of this book