ISBN: 9781452166506

Publication date: 14 Apr 2022

Author: Carter Higgins

This wide, wonderful world contains many things. Some things are as big as a family of bears; some are as small as a reflection in a puddle. Some things are felt rather than seen.

In between it all is . . . you. What kinds of things will you collect?

This lovely, lyrical book collects the world by size. Divided into three chapters with three specially paper-engineered separations, every page encapsulates one precious moment that perfectly represents both a size and an experience. For example, section one, Small Things, includes "a snail / and his home / and the road he has traveled." Section two, Big Things, includes "a bear / and his mama / and his pop / and the hugs they probably give each other." Section three, In-Between Things, includes "the dirt that knows / the promise underneath / and the sunshine above." Beloved author Carter Higgins's poignant, poetic text and Daniel Miyares's incandescent illustrations capture a whole new way of seeing the world in this beautiful, giftable meditation on what it means to be a kid - and what it means to be a human.