ISBN: 9781452155937

Publication date: 14 Mar 2017

Author: Davide Cali, Benjamin Chaud

There's more to this museum than meets the eye! This is the wonderfully wacky world of celebrated international author-illustrator team Davide Cali and Benjamin Chaud, the duo behind I Didn't Do My Homework Because... , The Truth About My Unbelievable Summer ... and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School ... . Notoriously (and delightfully) unreliable narrator Henry is late to a museum where his class is spending the day. But he has a plan: He'll just catch up in one of the exhibits. That's not possible in these halls! With volcanoes erupting, dinosaurs charging,and secret stairwells lurking, reuniting with his classmates becomes a quest of outrageous proportions. Young readers will revel in this entertaining book's over-the-top antics.