ISBN: 9781452144856

Publication date: 09 Oct 2015

Author: COCHAE

Ready, set, sumo! Japan's centuries-old national sport is the main attraction in this one-of-a-kind game where creativity and competition collide. The result? A paper-based smackdown! Choose from an assortment of more than 35 characters, from traditional sumo wrestlers to animals to monsters and other eye-catching creatures. And then battle it out against an opponent's character on the sumo dohyo stage. Or, customise your own characters by drawing on blank character shapes. Then it's time to play: With each player tapping on his or her side of the dohyo, the stakes are high until one of the characters falls and the other wins!

39 punch-out sumo wrestlers
13 customisable sumo wrestlers
Sumo stage
2 sticker sheets with sumo accessories
Detailed character guide
Instruction sheet featuring sumo strategy
And more!