ISBN: 9781452137728

Publication date: 11 Nov 2015

Author: Josh Vogel, Seth Smoot, Kendra Smoot

A visually inspiring guide to making gorgeous spoons, using a variety of readily available woods, minimal tools and entry-level woodworking skills (think carving, whittling, sanding). Written by Josh Vogel, the upstate New York wood artisan whose exquisite and highly coveted one-of-a-kind spoons, bowls, and boards are showing up in gift guides everywhere. Over 100 of Vogel's unique spoons - all created and photographed for this book - wow and inspire. Readers learn the basics of simple spoon-making in straightforward, no-experience-required instructions and via one beginning, one intermediate, and one advanced project, each of which provides the basis for an infinite number of designs. Notecards and a notebook collection featuring the beautiful photography from the book will be published simultaneously.