ISBN: 9781452128061

Publication date: 01 Jan 2015

Author: Jeremy Nolen, Jessica Nolen, Drew Lazor

Bright flavours. Fresh and healthy. These are not words we typically associate with German cuisine. But this beautifully packaged cookbook is not quite traditional. Featuring 100 recipes for familiar food re-envisioned to reflect the way we eat now, German Cooking Now celebrates fresh vegetables, grains, herbs and spices as obsessively as it does pork, pretzels and beer. Chefs Jeremy and Jessica Nolen share recipes from their family table, inspired by their travels in Germany. Slow-braised meats, homemade pickles and preserves, hand-cut noodles and vegetables every which way, the recipes in German Cooking Now are entirely true to their roots, yet utterly unique. More than 40 full-colour photographs and creative recipes for every meal occasion will satisfy food lovers far and wide.