ISBN: 9781452105345

Publication date: 01 Mar 2012

Author: Martha Holmberg, James Baigrie
The crepe-making bible! Step-by-step instructions, simple ingredients, and a bit of flair make this
favorite food achievable for any home cook.

Crepes can be rustic or delicate, homey or elegant . . . and appear to require far more effort than they
actually do. Marth Holmberg brings a modern perspective to this favorite food, with easy do-ahead tips
(crepes freeze beautifully!) and fresh flavor combinations.
Holmberg is uniquely equipped to bring crêpes into the home kitchen. Trained at the renowned La
Varenne cooking school, she has been a food writer, editor, and cook in the United States, England, and
France for the past two decades. Her lifelong love of this favorite food is apparent throughout this
collection of 50 sweet and savory recipes, ranging from the simple and snacky Butter-Sugar-Lemon of
her teenage years to the crepe cakes and cannelloni of an accomplished cook.
Her encouraging instructions and master formulas produce beautiful crepes and tempting sauces and
fillings that pay homage to the classics while also playing with ambitious and fascinating flavor
combinations and ingredients. Six basic batters (including a versatile gluten-free option!) pair with gutsy
savory and lovely sweet fillings that will inspire you to roll up some crepes any day of the week.