ISBN: 9781419774447

Publication date: 09 May 2024

Author: Hernandez, Florence
Journalist Florence Hernandez and photographer Guillaume de Laubier invite readers to discover exceptional wines from Saint-Émilion, the oldest and most prestigious vineyard in the world.

Foreword by Guy Savoy

Limestone, clay, sand . . . The vines of Saint-Émilion are rooted in a land made of a mosaic of soils, giving its wines an inimitable taste. Here in the heart of the oldest and most prestigious vineyard in the world, Saint-Émilion is synonymous with exceptional wine, a taste revealed by those who work the land and care for the vines to reveal all the subtleties of their terroir.

The Wines of Saint-Émilion reveals 20 of the vineyard’s domains and goes back to the origins of wine, to the heart of winemaking, and to what nourishes the vines and gives Saint-Émilion wines all their flavor. This book will give amateur and seasoned wine lovers alike a new way to discover, understand, and taste wine.