ISBN: 9781419771699

Publication date: 15 Feb 2024

Author: Bizon, Paul-Henry
An illustrated anthology of one of the greatest independent jewelers of the 21st century.
Lorenz Bäumer: 30 Years of Exceptional Creations is a superb coffee table book celebrating the renowned jeweler’s three decades of creativity with emblematic and iconic works of art such as Princess Charlene’s tiara, the Mikado jewel, the Astrolabe jewel, a meteorite ring, an academician’s sword, and a perfume bottle for Guerlain.
This illustrated anthology showcases the creator’s talent with testimony from guest contributors. Each object and piece of jewelry is photographed in full color by Philippe Garcia and presented by a personality from the arts, gastronomy, industry, or by one of Baümer’s close acquaintances, speaking about their relationship with the jeweler and his universe. Contributors include Alain Ducasse, JR, and Philippe Labro; a whole community forms around Lorenz Baümer and presents their respective unique insights into his creations.