ISBN: 9781419771668

Publication date: 23 Nov 2023

Author: Viall, Nick
From celebrity heartthrob, esteemed host of The Viall Files podcast, and adored member of Bachelor Nation Nick Viall comes Don’t Text Your Ex Happy Birthday—a no-holds-barred dating-advice book.
“Nick has hard- and well-earned wisdom to share from his own journey—from heartbreak to healing to discovering real and lasting love. In his usual compassionate and humorous voice, he offers great advice . . . like an older brother who is way cooler and wiser than you!” —Dr. Laura Berman, relationship therapist and host of The Language of Love
With his trademark charm, relationship expertise, and exclusive sex and love Q&A series, Nick guides readers through topics of love, lust, dating, and heartbreak. Nothing is off-limits as he delves into situationships, how to identify a player, and defining healthy love versus toxic love. Trying to figure out if friends with benefits is worth it? Unsure if they’re really into you? Is this guy a walking red flag? Can you come back from being cheated on? Viall is here with all those answers and more.
Filled with stories and one-liners you’ll be texting your friends, Donʼt Text Your Ex Happy Birthday is an honest, entertaining, and heartfelt relationship handbook that actually answers the question “What does it mean when they say . . . ?”
“I texted my ex ‘hi’ on Christmas and then I read this book. Required reading for anyone else embarrassing themselves on a daily basis.” —Cazzie David, New York Times bestselling author of No One Asked For This