ISBN: 9781419768347

Publication date: 21 Dec 2023

Author: Kirsch, Vincent

From Archie to Zack isan unapologetic celebration of friendship and first crushes from author-illustrator Vincent X. Kirsch—now in a paperback picture book, with four tear-out Valentine's Day cards!   A Lambda Literary Award Finalist STARRED REVIEW *"A pure and perfect capture of first love" —School Library Journal   "Archie loves Zack!" "Zack loves Archie!" Everyone said it was so.   But Archie hasn't told Zack yet. And Zack hasn't told Archie. They spend just about every minute together; walking to and from school, doing science and art projects, practicing for marching band, learning to ride bikes, and so much more.   Over the course of a few months, Archie tries to write a letter to Zack to tell him how he feels; "From A to Z." None of his drafts sound quite right, so he hides them all away. One by one, Archie's friends (Zelda, Zinnia, and Zuzella) find the letters . . . but they know exactly who they're meant for.   This full-color picture book from Vincent X. Kirsch celebrates young, queer love in a whimsical, kid-friendly way.