ISBN: 9781419767562

Publication date: 20 Jun 2024

Author: Bartsch, Susanne

Bartschland is more than a gorgeous book—it's an invitation to experience the magic, the glamour, and the unapologetic celebration of individuality that defines New York City's nightlife.

In Bartschland, Susanne Bartsch's indelible legacy comes alive as she shares countless moments that have shaped her extraordinary journey. From the opulence of the late 1980s to the present day, Bartsch's innate ability to capture the spirit of the moment shines through.

Legendary Parties and Diverse Events: Bartsch's parties are legendary, serving as a stage for an extraordinary convergence of people from around the world. Visionary artists, sex workers, fashion designers, cabaret stars, queer performers, Harlem ball dancers, go-go girls and boys, drag queens, burlesque amateurs, bodybuilders, twinks, and lipstick lesbians—all find their place in Bartschland.

Inclusivity and Transformation: As New York City's "patron saint of transformation and inclusion," Bartsch’s impact extends far beyond the glittering lights of the nightlife scene. From her iconic boutique that introduced designers like Vivienne Westwood to her philanthropic efforts during the AIDS crisis, Bartsch's influence is immeasurable.

Friends and Collaborators: Throughout the book, Bartsch shares her journey alongside a star-studded cast of friends and of collaborators. From RuPaul to Aquaria, Amanda Lepore, and Joey Arias, these luminaries contribute to the rich tapestry of Bartsch's life.

Discover the tales, the transformations, and the inclusivity that make Bartschland a must-read for anyone seeking a glimpse into the heart of New York's nightlife.